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The Legend Of Trunko: 100 Years On And Trunko Will Live On Happily Ever After In The Hearts And Minds Of Children Visiting Margate

Trunko is a registered trademarkMargate is South Africa’s favourite holiday destination and popular for whale watching. But in 1922 visitors and locals, albeit a handful, were treated to one of the most amazing sea battles ever recorded.

On November the 02nd, land owner Hugh Balance and a few witnesses observed something incredible just off Margate Beach. The viewers described an epic battle of monstrous proportions between 3 gigantic beasts. Two of the animals were clearly recognisable as whales but the third was deemed “utterly unclassifiable”.

The witnesses were transfixed as the battle rages for over 3 hours. All 3 of the gigantic creatures died. As fascinating as the battle accounts, the mystery doesn’t truly begin until later that evening when a 47 foot long corpse washed up on shore.

The creature has no apparent head, yet it bore a 5 foot long trunk and a 10 foot long lobster type tail all of which was covered in 8 inch white snowy hair.

On December 27th 1924, over 2 years later, The London Daily Mail ran a story on the creature which came to be known as Trunko. Witnesses still recalled the valiant battle against the lethal whales.

“Crypto-afficianados” have posed the theory that Trunko may be a living, breathing example of an aquatic elephant.

Trunko is not the only monster reported in the world and the tale of Trunko highlights similarities between other sited monsters. To find out more about the myth of Trunko visit

Perhaps Trunko is a “Globster” similar to the “Tasmanian Globster” or the “Bermuda Blob” another well known Globster. That could be true if we were trying to identify a dead animal whereas witnesses claim to have seen a living animal in battle with the whale

Sadly, although Trunko’s body lay on Margate Beach for 10 days for scientists, biologists and historians to explore, the carcass was washed to sea never to be seen again.

In 2009, Margate celebrated its’ 100 year history and believe that Trunko, who fought such a valiant battle, and who in the 1920’s can be accredited for putting Margate firmly on the global map, deserves to be recognised and loved by locals and visitors alike.

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