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Towards Our Mid Year Season

Now that Harleyville (Margate) has said its fond farewells to the biking community, it won’t be long before the mid-year school break is on us with all the trappings of families, surfboards, braais, shisa nyama, MTBs and fishing rods.

I am loathe to call June and July our winter season because there are so few days that one even contemplates wearing a jersey! This is Sardine Festival time and Ugu South Coast Tourism’s events team in conjunction with other event practitioners is in the process of creating an impressive season of events.

Naturally we will be using the media and other communications avenues to convey to our markets and the public what will be happening during the festival. I would suggest that in advance of our event schedules it may be an idea for our South Coasters to invite friends and family down here during the next school holidays.

After all who wants to be on the Highveld during their winter?

During our ‘winter’ months our seas are stunningly blue with great surfing waves and our days moderate and sunny. As an alternative to the hectic summer season, we should also be encouraging the customer to come down during the Sardine Festival which has a broad set of event options over a large geographic area.

The other day some Area Committee members and our personnel conducted a beach tour from Scottburgh to Port Edward. Expecting to find many of our beach facilities in dire straits I am pleased to say that within the Hibiscus Coast Municipal (HCM) area, there have been a number of improvements since our 2014 tour- congratulations to HCM for those facilities that have been upgraded and/or repaired.

If this impetus can be sustained, I am sure we will soon be the envy of our competitor destinations.

During Africa Bike Week, I sat with visitors to ask their impressions of the South Coast and their opinion is that it is the best motor bike event of its type in South Africa- the reason being that besides the bikers gloating at thousands of machines, there was well managed entertainment, great places for out rides and if you wanted to, many places to just chill.

During our key holiday and even based periods it is that combination of true leisure mixed with entertainment for all tastes (e.g. Ugu Jazz Festival) that will sustain our reputation as being a favourite destination amongst all South Africans.

Let’s pray that the Sardines paddle up the coast and do their duty this year.

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